if can turn back time..

topic taken kt facebook.topik yg sgt mnarik prhatian aku.it alwys around my mind.nape doraemon xwujud btol2.then senang utk patah balik mse. if i can turn back time,i will change everything about fadhilla nadzirah.too much thing dat i hve done b4 dat hurt people and hurt myself.and one thing i want to is back to school.having fun & fun with pama crews. :) kanak2 yg pnuh imiginasi.penuh dgn harapan utk mnjadi lbih brkuasa di sigs,my dearest school :) let me introduce pama crews.name taken from mee pama :) currently 16 gadis have been sign up fer dis group. all dis 16 gadis got da mental issues in their head.moving sigs very crazier.made da teachers hopeless :) never eva stop talking.laughing.shouting.always make people annoy but who cares biatch! now, 16 gadis got their own life and got their own car.no more taking bus :)
more detail about pama crews just click on blog pama crew

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