u take my breath away

you take my breath away
Gasping for air ‘til I’m blue in the face
I reach for relief but it’s nowhere to be found
No true solution to the dilemma within
So cruel you are, casting your spell on me
Controlling me, refusing to let go
Holding me back from the things I truly love
Everything I have done to avoid you has failed
Every prevention I have taken was all a waste
Because you’re still here today
And yesterday, and the day before
And the day before that
Battling to keep me in your domain
I will continue to fight, though
As I know your days are numbered
I will drink another cup of Nyquil
I will swallow another antibiotic
And soon your every cell will be destroyed!

by anniemah ohio

damn!u take my breath away again & again.im already miss u fer everyday.u easily can undrstand me more than myself cuz u noe how to control me as well.dats damn hurt when u said u love dat girl.how dat easy.i noe dats my biggest mistake :( biatch,go away lar.ko x hot lgsg oke! new mission : get ur attention.get back ur love :)

to someone : better checking ur english.u weak oke.dun pretend kau sgt prefect & other people loser. i dun give a shit biatch.one more thing.jgn brlagak.kau xkaya mne pun.i got more better than u.

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