the medium 'voice of mass comm'

'The medium', newsletter from masscomm. && aku one of da reporter yg trlibat.
at 1st aku hanya ingin mnolong fadh selaku chief reporter ktika itu.xsgka akn brlanjutan. it really fun when u hve to write news fer people & see ur name on da top of the news. what i really knew, my parents totally proud of it after they saw my pitcha on that newsletter :)

jounalism bkn lah pilihan aku but as long it about writting, yes, i love it. now,im try to work out on my novela :) which im still not pretty sure bout the ending yet. a bit klise when u hve to write novel without having any skill to do it.

my topic fer da new newsletter of the medium is MPP election which i really dun hve any idea bout it since im not going fer that election. stay as NR making my knowledge bout Uitm getting lower n lowest except bout the syahz mustaza who r killing himself by his own action.
suppose we have to highlight his name on the medium lar. hot story baby!! :DD may god bless u!

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