great quote :)

we can't always expect everything to go our way.
they will change and all we need to do is stay strong and keep your faith.
sometimes we search for one thing but discover another.

i don't like waiting but i just have to.
if waiting means having you then i'll wait till i have you.
just because something good ends doesn't mean something better won't begin.

i hate when people try to control me by making me feel guilty.
oh. i'm sorry, i'm forgot, this is your world we are living in.
and i'm only in it.

dear tummy, sorry for all butterflies.
dear pillow, sorry for the tears.
dear heart, sorry for all the damage.
dear brain, you were right.

"women are seasonal creatures, who are constantly changing according to different phases of their lives. thats what makes us magical mystical creatures.
and thats why men love us"

-Susan Irving-

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